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The Mid-Ohio District Nurses Association was founded in 1925 as the “Ohio State Association of Graduate Nurses” and represented alumni of nine area schools of nursing. The association had office space at the Great Southern Hotel in downtown Columbus. At that time, the Association focused on the collective concerns of all nurses and served as a registry for the purpose of providing Private Duty Nursing to area clients.

Throughout the decades, the Association has evolved with the nursing profession.  With a history rich in service, camaraderie, activism and its commitment to nursing as a profession MODNA continues to be a vibrant and active association for central Ohio Nurses.


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Cultural Competency in Practice

CE Program and Business Meeting

Respecting the different cultures of patients is an important and necessary skill. Above and beyond inclusion and respect, the effects of cultural competence in nursing practice extend to the actual medical care provided to patients. When a patient enters medical care, they may be highly stressed because of pain, nerves, fear and worry. If they are accompanied by family members, the stress is intensified as these emotions are compounded. Having the cultural competency to comfort those with different beliefs gives nurses the opportunity to provide care at the highest level. This session will provide knowledge based on years of research and education of the techniques that nurses can employ to practice cultural competence. These techniques are built upon three pillars: knowledge, attitude, and skills

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MODNA Members Elected to ONA Board and Representative Positions

Congratulations to the MODNA members recently elected to serve.

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 November 2017 
November 23-24, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

MODNA Office closed for the holiday.

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