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MODNA currently has five active committees.  Currently, there are open seats on these committees. You are invited to visit any of these committees to either learn more about our organization’s work, or determine which committee you might enjoy working with.  Just give us a call at 614-326-1630 to let us know you are planning to attend a meeting.

Finance Committee

Develops upcoming fiscal year budgets through the leadership of the Treasurer and Executive Director.  Submits recommendations to the board for maintaining and/or improving financial solvency. Meets quarterly, first Wednesday at 5:30 pm; MODNA Office

Christine Frank-Scott, Chair
Paula Anderson
Kris Cope
Shirley Keckley
Karen Lane
Shirley McCoy
Sally Morgan
Barbara Nash
Sharon Parker
Barbara Welch


For those interested in health policy.  Very active in statewide legislative and regulatory issues, supports the annual Nurses Day at the State House, hosts a biennial Candidates Forum, and monitors proposed and actual national, state and local legislation. Increases member and community awareness of legislative issues.  Meets odd months, second Wednesday at 5:30 pm; MODNA Office

Kay Ball, Chair
Paula Anderson, Board Liaison
Nancie Bechtel
Kris Cope
Joyce Cox
Jessica Frymyer
Janice Lanier
Frank Meyers
Jeri Milstead
Sally Morgan
Phyllis Scheiderer
Jean Southworth
Mary Stockman
Angela Surace
Marilyn Webster

Nursing Transitions Initiative

Focuses on supporting new nurses in new working environments.  Meets even months, first Tuesday at 5:30 pm; MODNA Office

Sharon Parker, Co-Chair
Kaitlyn Kemmner, Co-Chair
Andrea Black
Genevieve Blank
Angie Ceridan
Teresa Christopher
Jessica Dzubak
Katheryn Fernandez, Board Liaison
Jessica Marshall
Janet Masters
Megan Seybold
Lizabeth Stetz

Awards & Scholarships

Recognizes members for their contributions to the nursing profession by naming an Expert in Nursing Care Award winner. Scholarships are awarded annually to new nursing students and to advanced degree-seeking nurses. Meets as needed via email.

Shirley F. McCoy, Chair
Deborah Arms
Debbie Freece
Jane Heffernan
Karen Lane
Kathryn Peppe
David Shields
Ann Whitlatch

Continuing Education

Plans and facilitates all of our Continuing Education events. Meets even months, second Tuesday at 5:00 pm; MODNA Office

Sheri Southworth, Chair
Karen Barr
Margaret Burns
Jeanette Chambers
Pam Dickerson
Joe Hauser
Debbie Napier
Michelle Rubertino
Phyllis Scheiderer, Board Liaison


Debbie Freece, Chair
Jeri Milstead
Sharon Parker
Rebecca Taulbee
Melissa Waugh-Pannell

*Members are elected.