MODNA to Show The American Nurse Documentary Throughout the Mid-Ohio District

THE AMERICAN NURSE is a heart-warming film that explores some of the biggest issues facing America – aging, war, poverty, prisons – through the work and lives of nurses. It is an examination of real people that will change how we think about nurses and how we wrestle with the challenges of healing America. THE AMERICAN NURSE is an important contribution to America’s ongoing conversation about what it means to care. The film follows the paths of five nurses in various practice specialties.

Showing Dates/Locations:

February 25, 2015: 6-8p: Franklin County (Ohio Nurses Association)

April 28 5p-8p: Union County (Marysville Public Library)

May 5 5p-8p: Fayette County (Southern State Community College)

May 11 5p-8p: Pickaway County (Pickaway County Library)

May 20 5p-8p: Delaware County (Delaware Public Library)

June 2 5p-8p: Madison County (London Public Library)

June 16 5p-8p: Logan County (Ohio Hi-Point Career Center)

June 17 5p-8p: Fairfield County (Fairfield Medical Center)

Registration: RSVP to or call (614) 326-1630


Experts in Nursing Care

Nurses are active within MODNA to have an impact on nursing’s future, to participate in decisions related to nursing and health care, to learn the inner workings of the organization at the district and state levels, and to influence the image of nursing.

Through its committees and task forces, MODNA:

  1. Promotes the standards of nursing practice, nursing administration, nursing education, nursing services, and nursing research as defined by the American Nurses Association (ANA).
  2. Promotes adherence to the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses.
  3. Initiates and influences legislation, governmental programs and health policy.
  4. Supports the economic and general welfare and workplace advocacy of nurses.
  5. Represents nurses and serves as their spokesperson with the allied professional community, governmental groups and the public.
  6. Recruits nursing professionals into membership of the Association.
  7. Mentors nursing students.
  8. Recruits students into the profession of nursing.
  9. Collaborates with related nursing, health and community organization in activities that are relevant to nurses.
  10. Assumes an active role as consumer/nurse advocate in nursing practice and health care issues.

Serving, supporting and caring for Registered Nurses since 1925.

MODNA is the largest  district in the Ohio Nurses Association serving Registered Nurses in the following central Ohio counties: Delaware, Fairfield, Fayette, Franklin, Logan, Madison, Pickaway, & Union.

MODNA is also the home district for The Ohio State University Nurses Organization (OSUNO), the collective bargaining unit for The Ohio State University Medical Center.

Serving, Supporting and Caring

  • MODNA offers regular meetings along with continuing education programs offered free-of-charge to members.
  • Annual dinner in May provides an opportunity to celebrate the nursing profession as well as to recognize the contributions of MODNA members and award scholarships.
  • MODNA also supports member delegates to the Ohio Nurses Association Convention and American Nurses Association Membership Assembly.